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LAST DAY TO VOTE [Jun. 29th, 2009|08:41 am]
Carolina (Lesbian) Girls


It's that time again!

Today is the Last Day to vote for Best of in Charlotte.
Naturally I'm still tap dancing for your votes. (that's Tap with a T)

So here we go:
These are the rules as copied directly from the Creative Loafing Page.
Ballots must be received by June 29; the issue will hit the streets Aug. 5.
The rules: Only one entry per person, no photocopied ballots, and at least a third of the ballot (minimum 45 categories) must be filled out for the ballot to count. Name, address and phone number are required. Submissions by ballot stuffers (and we know who you are!) will be tossed.
As always, thanks for your support!
Please submit your vote by June 29, 2009
Please abide by the rules. I would hate to be eliminated because someone was trying to be super nice to me and cheated.

As usual I've put in some suggestions below In case you need them. You arent obligated or
Oh good greif...
Do Nice things. Vote for me. Dont break the rules.

There, Nuff Said

Best Concert Venue (Large): Amos' Southend
Best Concert Venue (Medium/Small): Visulite Theatre
Best Karaoke: Petras
Bar With Hottest Members of Opposite/Same Sex: Hartigans
Best Neighborhood Bar: Petras
Best Downtown Bar: Press
Best Gay/Lesbian Bar: Hartigans
Best Bar/Restaurant Patio: Boudreauxs
Best Dive Bar: Steamers
Best Place Open Until 2 a.m.: Hartigans
Best Place Open After 2 a.m.: Amelies Bakery
Best Cocktail Selection: Loft 1523

Best Theater Company: Actors Theatre Charlotte
Best Local Actor (Male or Female): Sheila Snow Proctor
Best Performing Arts Group: Big Mammas House of Burlesque
Best Movie Theater (Quality of Presentation): Ballantyne Village Theatre
Best Movie Theater (Quality of Films): Park Terrace
Best Video/DVD Rental Selection (Specify Location): VisArt Video
Best Comic Book Shop: Underground Games
Best Local Female Vocalist: Big Mamma D
Best Club/Party DJ: DJ Spider

Local Hero: Cindy Thompson
Local Zero: Ken Thompson - former wachovia chief
Best Local Charity: The Lesbian and Gay Community Center
Best New Slogan for Charlotte: "We now accept cash!"
Best Member of Local Government: Jennifer Roberts County Comissioner
Public Official Most In Need of Tasering: Omar Quereshi
Best Use of Tax Money: LINX
Best New Building/Attraction: Great Wolf Lodge
Most Missed Old Building: Athens
Worst Eye Sore: Westin
Best Hotel: ALoft
Best Area to Live In Charlotte: Plaza Midwood
Best Pre-Game Hangout Downtown: Cutters
Worst Intersection: Wendover Monroe
Best Festival: Pride Charlotte
Best Place to People-Watch: Thomas Street

Best Hair Salon: Hair Klaudt
Best Place to Buy CDs (Specify Location): Manifest
Best Place to Buy DVDs (Specify Location): Manifest
Best Sex Paraphernalia Store: Priscillas
Best Place to Find a Present for Someone: Priscillas
Best Late-Night Eatery: Amelie's
Best Restaurant Wine List: Press
Best Pizza: Napoli Pizza Monroe Road
Best Sushi: Ru-San

Best Radio Station: 95.7 The Ride
Best Radio Personality: Brotha Fred
Best Radio Show: All Things Considered
Best Local Magazine: Creative Loafing
Best Local Blog: Clog Blog
Best Local Columnist: Sarah Aarthun CLTObserver