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The Best In The World

Carolina (Lesbian) Girls
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An Update from your rarely seen Moderator/Creator. I no longer use the account I created this community on, so if you wish to contact me, you may contact me at the following:
Livejournal :
AIM : blind with sex

Carolina girls.. the best in the world. Especially if they're lesbian ;-).

Feel free to post whatever, no limits at the current time. Large posts and pictures should be put behind a cut, out of respect for other's servers.

Not necessary, but would be nice to use in your introduction post :

Name -x-
Age -x-
Location -x-
Etc -x-

Photos are always great too. Even just "artsy" photos. Everyone likes pictures.

Also, if you see an interest that should be listed, or a city that should be listed in the interests, please let me know. I tried my best.

1) No boys!

2) Drama with other members is to be dealth with outside of this community.

3) Lesbian/Bisexual girls from North Carolina or South Carolina only.
- also wanted is girls who visit the Carolina's often or anything of that sort.
- it's even been decided we would like people from adjoining states.. Georgia, Tennesse, and Virginia.